Sonic Gorilla

May 2014

Descent  at Warwick Arts Centre

Descent at Warwick Arts Centre

Warwick Arts Centre is one of the largest multi-artform venues in the UK. It delivers a diverse programme of cinema, performing and visual arts at the heart of the University of Warwick campus.

In December 2013 I was recruited by Warwick to curate and produce a year-long digital programme. My brief was to investigate how such a strand would sit within the organisation’s overall artistic offer to audiences. My response was a focus on developing distinctive digital pieces to enliven the venue’s public social spaces with the aim of changing the audience’s relationship to, and perception of, these spaces.

I have long been fascinated by the diversity of sounds we encounter in our everyday lives, even if we aren’t always fully aware of them. Sonic Gorilla enabled me to work with artists who shared that same fascination.

I conceived, programmed and produced Sonic Gorilla, which came to fruition in May 2014. It was a series of works that responded to the environment and brought unexpected sound to unexpected places within the Arts Centre and across the University of Warwick campus including three new commissions and the presentation of two international works.

The artworks:

by Joris Hoogeboom and Teun Verkerk
Produced by TodaysArt and FutureEverything

by MortonUnderwood
Co-commissioned by Warwick Arts Centre and Supersonic

Are you sitting comfortably?
Curated by Lisa Heledd Jones of Storyworks
Commissioned and produced by Warwick Arts Centre

Call bell pedestal; bell actually horn
by Alexander Reben

Behind Closed Doors
by Lisa Heledd Jones
Commissioned by Warwick Arts Centre

(Behind Closed Doors was renamed Trace for a performance season as part of Forest Fringe in Edinburgh 2015. You can read a review of it here).