It was a delight to play an integral role in Hoipolloi’s rapid growth and artistic development - from a small-scale touring company to an internationally well-respected and vibrant organisation creating projects on stage, on radio, on film and online through the quasi-fictional character of Hugh Hughes

Hugh Hughes is an emerging artist from Wales (Anglesey to be precise!). He’s also the creation of Shôn Dale-Jones, even though a fair few people think Hugh’s definitely a real person!

I started as Hoipolloi’s first full-time Marketing & Touring Manager in January 2005 and one of my first tasks was to book a tour for Floating, the first Hugh Hughes show. Little did I (or indeed anyone else!) know that we'd go on to take Hugh and his friends all across the world, win four awards and help share his work beyond the stage.

Facilitating and nurturing Shon’s vision as Hoipolloi’s Artistic Director, was the most important aspect of my time at the company. The trusting partnership we established together ensured we created the conditions to support his growth as a writer, director and performer and enabled his art to flourish.